Hello, welcome to our wedding website!

     Thank you for visiting, we hope that you'll find all the information you need about our wedding here. Please come back often, as we will be adding new updates regularly. It's hard to believe that we've been engaged for over 6 months now. We have been so busy planning the wedding that time has just flown by. We've been having a lot of fun with it, and thought we would set up this site to start celebrating a little early!

Note: We have extended for our guests the ticket deposit of $250 to March 1st due to some of our guests needed more time.  This is to hold the seat for the given price. The remaining of the payment is due on April 3/2013.  To pay your deposit and book your RSVP please contact our Destination Wedding Specialist  Melba@ 604-689-5571

     Also, if you have yet to do so, please RSVP and take a look at the registry items that will make our honeymoon even more special. 

     If you want to learn a bit about how we met and came to be the fabulous couple you know and love, please read on below.

 Our Wedding!

After almost 5 years together, we are finally engaged! Our wedding ceremony will be held on the beach, the Wooden Terrace followed by the cocktail party and the reception will be held on a private terrace, the Tequila Terrace. We have decided on some of the decor. Our wedding will be everything that we have always dreamed of. Thanks to our wedding planner and some special friends! Thank you for visiting our wedding website and honeymoon registry. We can't wait to see you all there and celebrate this special day with you guys!!

Her Version:

     As a girl, I dreamt to be so lucky to find the love of my life, a dear friend, a true mate and companion.  However, never would I have imagined to find a soul mate like I found in Abi.  I still vividly remember Fall 2007 as it were yesterday, and the butterflies fluttering in my stomach as our eyes met in a room full of people, sound and distractions. 

     During that social occasion, I felt almost drawn to him, and could not resist his gentle nature and charms.  However, it was a brief introduction and many more social gatherings before he found the courage to ask me on a date on Dec 2007.  Things moved steadily after that and we soon came to be inseparable, spending most days together, experiencing life and getting to know each other piece by piece.  Since we have met, a day does not go by without me laughing and smiling, who would have thought that God would have given my heart a reason to soar. 

     Since that precious day, we have had the privilege to go on several extraordinary trips (Nigeria, London, California,Toronto, Montreal) and share countless experiences.  He has given me confidence to pursue my goals, to love harder, share more generously and better yet accept that happiness is mine to deserve with him – my future husband!      

His version:

     Since that precious day I lay my eyes on you, there you were - beautiful, happy, intelligent and most importantly, incredibly stunning. Suddenly, I came alive and I've been alive ever since! It happened that very first day - I fell in love with you. How do I know? Because the feeling never left me and it has grown ever since. I think it will always be. The lights went on. Instantly, life was exciting; colors seemed brighter; songs are crisper; tastes more enjoyable. I ceased walking and began leaping.

     I realized that there is a whole wonderful world ready to explore...with the right person. I am thankful & blessed to have find such a wonderful, kind, loving, outgoing, caring life partner. For this, I am a lucky guy. I promised to always be there by your side and to do all that is possible within my power in continuing to put that beautiful smile you wear on your face 4ever, so help me God!

     Family is the most important thing to me and as we continue our life journey together, I pray the almighty God continue to bless our relationship and nurture it with abundants of love and joy - my future wife!