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Guest's FAQ

Guest's Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Now Resorts & Spas Honeymoon Registry?

We give wedding couples a way to register their entire honeymoon online. It works just like a wedding registry - the wedding couple wants to have parts of their honeymoon experience as wedding gifts. Instead of buying them a crock-pot you can choose a "Secluded Seaside Candlelit Dinner" or instead of a toaster oven, you can purchase part of their "Excursion Fund". The wedding couple has listed their 'Honeymoon Wishes' and costs of each experience for their friends and family to purchase as a wedding gift.
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Why should we give something from the Now Resorts & Spas Honeymoon Registry?

The wedding couple has decided to use this registry so they can pre-plan what they will be able to do on their honeymoon. They have chosen to use the Now Resorts & Spas Honeymoon Registry so that they know ahead of time how much they can spend on their trip and book the things they would like to do. It is important to them to be able to book that "Couple's Massage Under the Stars" or that "Do Not Disturb Honeymoon Package" before they leave.
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Will I be able to send the wedding couple a gift message card?

Yes, after your purchase you will be able to customize a gift message card that can be sent to the wedding couple electronically. You can also print out your gift message card to take to the wedding.
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How much is needed for the whole gift? Is it for one or two people?

The amount needed for the whole gift, whether it is for one or two people, is the amount that they are requesting multiplied by the price of each gift.

Please Note: All dollar amounts displayed on this site are in US Dollars. If you are viewing this site from outside of the United States, please keep currency exchange rates in mind when purchasing a gift.

Example: "Upgrading Our Room" lists 10 gifts "Requested" in the amount of $50.00 each. This means the whole upgrade will cost $500.00. However, the wedding couple does not expect anyone to buy them a gift for $500.00 and feels more comfortable breaking it down into $50.00 increments. The couple wants to upgrade anyway and feels that any part of the upgrade given to them would be a wonderful gift since this allows them to plan ahead.
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Why not just give them money at the wedding?

Receiving envelopes of checks the day before they leave for their honeymoon will not allow them to pre-plan anything for their trip. They probably won't even have time to deposit the checks before they leave. Our services allow the wedding couple to pre-book the activities they will be able to do on their honeymoon and they will have an accurate accounting of all gifts received. This service allows you to give something that the couple really wants and will cherish forever - you will be remembered for taking the time to pick a personalized experience!
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Do I have to be technically savvy or computer friendly to use this wedding registry?

We will guide you through each step - it's easy! Just give us a call at our toll free number 1-877-699-5884. Don't worry, you can mail or fax in your order too.
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What is the service & handling fee for?

This service & handling fee allows us to run a secure website, process their gifts to their hotel/cruise ship, provide a toll free for live customer service, keep a complete accounting for the couple, host their wedding website, process gift certificates, process credit cards securely, be bonded and insured for $3M, be PCI compliant and most importantly, this keeps it free to register for the wedding couple - after all this is their day! Our service & handling fee eliminates other typical wedding registry costs, such as shipping and gift-wrap charges. In addition, announcement and gift message cards are free, and can be downloaded at any time. We ensure that the couple has the freedom to choose how they will use their gifts on their honeymoon and they are dealing with a professional and secure honeymoon registry company.
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How do I find a couple's wedding registry list?

From the home page of the website, enter one of their first and last names in the search field and click the "Search" button. Enter as much information as you know, and our system will present you with the closest matches. If you need assistance, please feel free to email us or call our customer service center.
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How do I buy the couple a wedding gift?

First, look through the list of gifts that the couple has registered for. Once you decide which gift(s) to purchase for the couple, follow the simple check out procedure. The couple will receive a gift certificate, credit on their room folio, or in some instances funds for that gift will be sent to the couple. This allows them to pre-book the activities they will be able to do on their honeymoon trip and have an accurate accounting of all gifts received.
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Where does the money go when I make a purchase from the Now Resorts & Spas Honeymoon Registry?

The money goes into a client trust account, the credit card fees go to the Merchant Account, and only the processing fees go into our general account. The gift funds are then distributed to Now Resorts & Spas or directed to the couple according to their designated choice.
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Is the Now Resorts & Spas Honeymoon Registry site secure?

We are secured by to ensure you feel confident when using your Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express. We also have a Turbo SSL certificate that tests us daily. Also, feel free to click on our BBB report.
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Do you store my personal or credit card information?

No, we do not have access to your credit card information after your purchase on the Now Resorts & Spas Honeymoon Registry. Our own staff cannot see your credit card information. We do not store or sell your personal information, either. Please see our "Privacy Policy" for more details.
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Can I call or fax my order in?

If you would like to call in your order, you can use our toll free number at 877-699-5884, Monday - Friday; 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM Pacific Time. If you would like to fax your order in, please provide the information necessary and fax to 858-433-0500.
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How do I get my receipt?

After your purchase on the Now Resorts & Spas Honeymoon Registry is completed, you will be emailed a receipt. This receipt will also have a link to your gift message card for you to access when needed.
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Does the wedding couple have a way to see what I have purchased in case they lose my card?

Yes, part of our service to the couple is to provide them with their own account. They can log in at anytime and view the details for all the wedding gifts they have received from the Now Resorts & Spas Honeymoon Registry.
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How can I contact you if there is a problem?

We provide all support and software for the Now Resorts & Spas Honeymoon Registry. You can email us or call our toll free number 1-877-699-5884.
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